Crop growth and yield prediction powered by machine learning and computer vision

Better prices and market alignment

Accurately predict your harvest volumes and dates with up to 94% precision, two weeks prior to harvest.

Engage in negotiations earlier, secure superior prices and foster stronger client relationships.

Resource-Efficient growth strategy optimization

Utilize our advanced simulations to understand the impact of varying environmental conditions and harvesting events on crop growth.

Enable a more resource-efficient approach and fine-tune your growth strategy to meet harvest goals.

Improved communication

To improve greenhouse operations and profits through better predictability, and better decision-making leveraged by data.

Enhance communication between sales and growers to boost operational efficiency and profitability.


We integrate advanced computer vision and machine learning to transform raw data into actionable insights. Choose between options with sophisticated camera technology for enhanced precision and automated crop registration, or a simpler, camera-free version tailored to your needs.

Experience unparalleled adaptability with our ability to predict crop growth and yield. Simulate varying growth conditions, allowing you to anticipate and adjust to harvest demands or fluctuations in energy costs.

Our web-based platform offers an intuitive interface, designed for seamless collaboration among your sales and grower teams. Data informed communication increases your team’s operational efficiency and capacity.

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Our mission

We believe that true innovation emerges when experts from different fields come together and focus on solving real world pain points. That is why our team combine expertise in indoor farming, plant biology, physics, neuroscience, and environmental engineering. This multidisciplinary approach enables us to address the indoor farming industry’s challenges with fresh perspectives and groundbreaking solutions, particularly through the application of machine learning and computer vision.

Our product development is deeply rooted in a customer-centric philosophy. By closely collaborating with commercial greenhouse operators, we have tailored our solutions to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by professionals in the field. This approach ensures that our innovations are not only advanced but also practical and relevant.

Headquartered in Potsdam, Germany, our impact extends beyond our local roots. We now actively contribute to the indoor farming sectors in Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada.

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