Increased yields through
precise forecasts and
data-based decision-making

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Online: Crop growth and yield prediction powered by artificial intelligence

Streamline your indoor farming operations with our machine learning and computer vision-powered solution. Enhance efficiency, facilitate seamless communication, and enjoy web-based, reliable, and scalable access to our software for your business.

Strategic pricing

Achieve the best price by determining and influencing the time of harvest at an early stage.

Harvest date manipulation

Simulate the effects of environmental factors on harvest time.

Market alignment

Align growth and harvest cycles to market requirements.

Automated crop registration

Real-time crop registration without the need for personnel deployment.

Increased efficiency

Identify inefficiencies and maximize greenhouse yield.

Perfect personnel deployment

Long-term, precise personnel deployment planning.

Reliable decisions

Reliable information on the maturity level for communication with customers.

Increased annual recurring revenue up to 15%

Increased annual profitability up to 70k USD/ ha


Offline: Consulting services

Do you need a tailored solution for digitization, automation, and AI in your indoor farming operation? We’ve got you covered!

Digital transformation

We guide greenhouses through their digital transformation journey, assisting in technology stack identification, data collection methods, and integration strategies. Additionally, we help select and implement sensors to optimize plant growth and environmental monitoring.

Al Integration for Indoor Farming

Tailored Al solutions for indoor farming startups, integrating machine learning and computer vision technologies to ensure scalable and efficient growth.

AgTech Software Integration and Optimization

Consultancy on integrating and optimizing AgTech software solutions for technology providers and farming startups. We provide guidance on selecting software platforms, API integrations, and customization to streamline operations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

For accurate crop growth and yield prediction, we require climate and plant registration data.

Using this data, our machine learning (ML) algorithms provide predictions that surpass the most experienced master growers, without the need for additional hardware. 

When we integrate computer vision (CV), we automate parts of the plant registration data collection, reducing manual work and allowing frequent data updates. This improved data baseline leads to even more accurate predictions. CV also enables tasks like counting fruits and determining fruit colour through camera inputs, enhancing the overall data quality and prediction accuracy. 

If you have more questions or need specific solutions, please reach out to us!

Theoretically, we can cover all crops and varieties! Our cutting-edge CV and ML solution is designed for seamless transferability across various crops and varieties. We currently support tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries commercially and can quickly offer a solution for lettuce. Adapting to new varieties within these species is straightforward, provided you have the necessary data. We continually expand our coverage based on customer demand. If your specific crop or variety isn’t listed, please contact us, and let’s explore how we can meet your needs together. 

We can work with a variety of cameras in your indoor farm. These are categorized into  fixed, mobile, and autonomous cameras that come with individual benefits.

Each farm is unique, and so are its camera technology needs. HarvestAi ensures we can adapt our solutions to meet the specific requirements of your indoor farm! 

If you have more questions or need specific solutions, please reach out to us! 

Almost all of them! Our solution is designed for a variety of indoor farming operations, including greenhouses, vertical farms, and container farms. There are no limitations regarding physical infrastructure; it all depends on the data you collect and the parameters you can control. 

Each indoor farming operation is unique, and our solution is developed with this in mind. We tailor our solutions to your specific circumstances, ensuring you can join the AI revolution in indoor farming with us! 

If you have more questions or need specific solutions, please reach out to us! 

Yes, it likely does, and if not, we are here to help! For our AI applications, we require data on growth-related environmental parameters, plant registration, and historical harvest—data typically collected by your climate computer and master grower. 

Key factors include: 

  • Duration and granularity of data collection 
  • Any existing data gaps 


Our process begins with assessing your data from one month. If we detect any data gaps, we will support you in filling them and create a plan to implement our solution based on these constraints. 

Data is crucial for AI, and we ensure you have what you need to get the most out of our solutions. If you have more questions or need specific solutions, please reach out to us! 

Yes, your data is safe! At HarvestAi, data privacy and security are our top priorities. We follow industry best practices to safeguard your information, hosting our systems on secure, trusted platforms to ensure your data is always protected. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security, providing you peace of mind that your information is safe and never shared with third parties. 

No, we don’t use your data to improve your competitors operation. We respect the hard work you’ve put into running a successful farming operation and do not share your information with other clients or competitors. Our goal is to provide you with the best tools to optimize your individual operation securely and efficiently. 

Let’s find out! Our team of experienced plant scientists, greenhouse specialists, and product development experts is dedicated to identifying the right solution for you. We start with a comprehensive needs assessment to understand your indoor farming operation and its specific challenges. Based on this assessment, we collaboratively determine the best solution for your needs. 

We consider factors such as the type of indoor farm, your crops and varieties, and your harvest procedures to gain a complete understanding of your operation. 

If you have more questions or need specific solutions, please reach out to us! 

Even if you excel at yield predictions, partnering with HarvestAi can elevate your operations to the next level. Our technology provides stable and consistent yield predictions with impressive accuracy, surpassing the capabilities of even the most experienced master growers. 

But it’s not just about crop growth and yield prediction! We offer a variety of valuable features designed to optimize your operations and efficiency, making the most of the data you collect. Our solutions enable you to make consistently data-informed decisions and enhance communication between your sales team, growers, and clients. 

Let us help you transform your greenhouse management with precision and ease. If you have more questions or need specific solutions, please reach out to us! 

Absolutely! Reach out to us and benefit from decades of consulting experience from our AI experts, plant scientists, greenhouse specialists, and product development professionals. 

We are committed to addressing pressing issues in both the global and local food supply chains. If you have a unique challenge, we’re here to provide tailored solutions and dedicated support to meet your specific needs. 

If you have more questions or need a customized solution, please reach out to us! 

Curious about our AI solutions and consulting services?

Let’s talk and join the AI-driven future of indoor farming!

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